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Craft Beer & Brewing: Editor’s Pick Top 19 Beers of 2019

Parish Brewing Ghost in the Machine (Broussard, Louisiana)

Tiny Broussard, Louisiana, might not be the first locale you think of when you think “world-class hazy and juicy IPA.” As it turns out, great beer can be made anywhere, and Parish and their flagship Ghost in the Machine IPA have put the city on our map.

Bold cantaloupe and peach lead the nose with a spicy lemongrass undertone. The aroma is intensely thick and round, and a quick swirl of the glass unleashes concentrated orange and tangerine notes with a snappy herbal bite, tempered by a touch of fruit-smoothie creaminess as it opens up. The sip is soft, as the best are, but sits wider on the tongue with a mouth-filling roundness that inexplicably finishes lean, leaving a softly bitter and slightly fruity sensation. Matching this level of drinkability with such bold fruit notes is no small task, and the Parish brewers handle it like old pros.

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