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Cajun Country, Louisiana

You wouldn’t expect to find a craft brewery in the industrial heart of Broussard, but our location has given us the space to expand and develop our brand, while maintaining our rowdy, regular crowd. If you’re traveling through the South Louisiana area, make sure to visit to pass a good time and drink some awesome beer!

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Available in Our Taproom


Parish Pilsner

Pilsner (A crisp, lighter-bodied lager that still retains a strong aroma of yeast & noble hops, with a peppery finish after a mildly sweet but clean flavor.)


Wheat Ale (Our best-selling beer since 2010. This refreshing American wheat drinks easy & highlights honey-sweet remnants of Louisiana sugarcane & notes of citrus on the finish from Cascade hops.)

Hop Juice

Super Bloom

Double IPA (We took our floral fantasia of a favorite Parish IPA, double-dry hopped it, & boosted the ABV. Memorable for the vivid pink flower blossoms on the label, fans of Bloom will remember a flavor profile just as bright that still finishes super-soft. Extra helpings of our hand-selected Citra and Nugget hops complement one another for a deep citrus & stone fruit profile that’s just as balanced & drinkable as it is heady.)

Ghost In The Machine

Double IPA (Welcome to the future. Brewed with obscene quantities of Citra hops from our favorite farm in Yakima Valley, WA. Expect pungent grapefruit aromas & flavors, tropical fruit, & less harsh bitterness than most IPAs.)

Ripe In the Machine

Double IPA (In celebration of 10 years of Ghost, we are pumped to announce the re-release of our Ghost collab variant, RIPE IN THE MACHINE, this time brewed right here in Broussard! Together with our good friends at Great Notion we combined the best qualities of their award-winning Ripe with our notorious Ghost in the Machine to create one marvelous & truly innovative hazy DIPA. The pillowy base is brewed from a multifarious bill of flaked oats, malted wheat, 2-row, & Weyermann Carafoam to add body & the slightest hint of caramel. After the Cosmic Punch yeast has worked its magic on this super-wort, we dose the 8.5% ABV beer with some of our most beloved hop varieties: Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Nectaron, & Simcoe. The cherry on top is a helping of Phantasm, a powdered extract of New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes.)


Double IPA (In a collab with our friends at Horus Aged Ales, we mashed together the grain bill of our Ghost in the Machine with their Osprey's Next Catch, thus marrying two beloved hazy IPAs from halfway across the country into one vicious bird. Dosed with a torrential green rain of Cryo Mosaic + Strata hops, the fruit-forward flavors of these danker varieties coalescing in a golden-colored, complex cornucopia with a pillowy mouthfeel that gives hints of green melon, passionfruit, strawberry, tangerine, & papaya atop a solid citric foundation of lemons & oranges.)


Double IPA (A double-wheat malt profile imparts a featherlike, downy mouthfeel with the familiar edge of an intense dry-hop combo. Featuring Strata & Cashmere, this medium-bodied double IPA wafts aromas of sweet berry cobbler on the nose while Citra Incognito offers a clean tropical finish of bright mango & guava.)

Actias Luna

Triple IPA (Drawing inspiration from the grand silk moth Actias Luna, akin to its predecessor Attacus Atlas, captures the essence of this remarkable creature. It shares the same impressive gravity & opulent, juicy, GREEN flavor profile as its namesake. Actias Luna showcases supermassive amounts of one of our favorite Oregon-grown hops that we hand selected this year, Strata.)


Double IPA (A Taproom only experimental DIPA dry hopped with a New Zealand variety called Superdelic.)

Dr. Juice

IPA (Highly crushable juice bomb. Dry hopped with a blend of our favorite hand selected hops from the Yakima Valley. The pour glows a rich cantaloupe hue with a thick, frosted haze & soft mouthfeel. Aroma & taste is full of passion fruit, papaya, & blood orange, making it drink like a glass of freshly squeezed juice.)


American Pale Ale (Bursting with glorious hop aromas of mango, lychee, orange, & other tropical fruits. This beer pulls of the incredible feat of having the best juicy qualities of hops but none of the harsh, bitter finish you may be used to.)


Greetings From Cypremort Point

Berliner Weisse (This Berliner-style beer takes its name from the local beloved Louisiana state park just south of our brewery. Peach, orange, pineapple, lime, & pomegranate with underlying notes of almond combine in an intense tropical medley.)

SIPS: Parish Sunrise

Berliner Weisse (Tropical mango, bright fizzy peach, an intensely refreshing tartness. Imagine a mimosa made with crazy amounts of fruit juice & a perfectly satisfying cleanliness that’s perfect for brunch, lunch, dinner, or even breakfast if that’s what you’re into.)

SIPS: Riesling Grape & Pineapple

Berliner Weisse (The sweetness of the pineapple puree adjunction firmly rounds out the beer’s pleasant tartness, complimented further by the lofty, sweet undertones of the white Riesling grapes such as peach, apple, & pear.)

SIPS: Peach Bellini

Berliner Weisse (Here is a succulent, peachy Berliner Weisse for those who like their SIPS lightly tart and zippy. A spin on the classic Bellini cocktail, chardonnay grapes & peach puree harmonize to create one-finely-satisfying-sour-ale.)

SIPS: Pinot Noir Grape & Black Currant

Berliner Weisse (Overflowing with rich dark Pinot Noir wine grapes, this SIPS’ bright fruit tones overlap with complex & succulent black currant atop a sweet sour base that brightens both grapes synchronously.)


Strawberry Canebrake

Wheat Beer (Simply our classic, original Canebrake with loads of strawberries added. Gently tangy from the real strawberry puree, not overly sweet, & medium in body. Drinks fruitier than regular Canebrake & pairs perfectly with any celebration.)


Cypress Shade

Imperial Stout (We are excited to partner with Acadiana’s own J.T. Meleck Distillery, located just down the road from the brewery, for our latest barrel-aged imperial stout. Cypress Shade is aged in J.T. Meleck’s original rice whiskey barrels for 2 years, allowing the smoky fragrances of toasted rice & almonds to coalesce with the stout base.)

Vanilla Cypress Shade

Imperial Stout (Cypress Shade, but further aged atop a bed of Ecuadorian & Ugandan vanilla beans after spending two years in J.T. Meleck’s original rice whiskey barrels. VCS drinks sweeter than CS, with notes of apricots, plums, & cherries from the Ecuadorian beans, mocha undertones from the Ugandan beans.)

Stout (This silky smooth coffee stout is created with a carefully selected blend of specialty grade estate beans from Colombia & Java.)

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