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Don’t Drink Beer: First Place Malt Couture Malt Madness The Hazy Cup

Batch 104: The Hazy Cup Hype Haze Shootout

On this very special two-year anniversary episode The Malty Boyz™ sought out 13 of the best Hazy IPAs and threw them into a Malt Madness tournament to see who would emerge as the first ever Hazy Cup Champion! Representing the Hollandaise Conference are Bissell Brothers, Monkish, Narrow Gauge, Tree House, Trillium, and Weldworks! Representing the Sunny D Conference are Great Notion, Hill Farmstead, Old Nation, Other Half, and Parish with Cellarmaker and Tired Hands competing for the final Wild Card slot! TWO MORE YEARS! TWO MORE YEARS! TWO MORE YEARS!

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