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Ghost Prime

Juicy Double IPA

In order to achieve the best flavor and aroma from our beloved Citra hops in a massive DIPA, one must maximize hop cone flavor and aroma retention from farm-to-brewhouse. For the first time ever, we are unveiling a variant of DDH Ghost in the Machine hopped and dry hopped to saturation with Cryo Fresh Hops. YCH-301 is a new form of cryo-pelletized fresh hop pioneered by our friends at Yakima Chief Hops. Un-kilned, whole cones are flash-frozen in a state-of-the-art facility to retain freshness before being pelletized in YCH’s patented cryogenic process. This ultra-modern hop processing simultaneously isolates, protects, and concentrates the resins and oils that give hazy IPAs the heady lupulin complexity we know and love, making this the brightest and freshest Ghost from our facility to date. What would Ghost taste like if it was simply juice squeezed from a berry that grew upon a hop vine? Introducing: Ghost Prime.

Flavor Profile
Available in: 16oz Can 4-Pack