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Skelehawk 16oz Can Release



It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…SKELEHAWK! SCRAAAAAAEEEEEWWWWW…screaming through the sky! In a collab with our friends at Horus Aged Ales, we mashed together the grain bill of our Ghost in the Machine with their Osprey’s Next Catch, thus marrying two beloved hazy IPAs from halfway across the country into one vicious bird. In the fermenter, we dosed Skelehawk with a torrential green rain of Cryo Mosaic + Strata hops, the fruit-forward flavors of these danker varieties coalescing in a golden-colored, complex cornucopia with a pillowy mouthfeel that gives hints of green melon, passionfruit, strawberry, tangerine, and papaya atop a solid citric foundation of lemons and oranges. 8% ABV

@horusagedales + @parishbrewingco

SKELEHAWK: $20 per 16oz 4pack cans, no limit.

Presale for SKELEHAWK begins Wednesday, May 29 at noon CDT at shop.parishbeer.com with pick up beginning Friday, May 31 at 11am and UPS Direct Shipping beginning next week.




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