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Ghost Prime 16oz Can & Morii 375ml Bottles 4-Pack Pre-Sale and Release

December 2, 2023




In order to achieve the best flavor and aroma from our beloved Citra hops in a massive DIPA, one must maximize hop cone flavor and aroma retention from farm-to-brewhouse. For the first time ever, we are unveiling a variant of DDH Ghost in the Machine hopped and dry hopped to saturation with Cryo Fresh Hops. YCH-301 is a new form of cryo-pelletized fresh hop pioneered by our buds at Yakima Chief Hops. Un-kilned, whole cones are flash-frozen in a state-of-the-art facility to retain freshness before being pelletized in YCH’s patented cryogenic process. This ultra-modern hop processing simultaneously isolates, protects, and concentrates the resins and oils that give hazy IPAs the heady lupulin complexity we know and love, making this the brightest and freshest Ghost from our facility to date. What would Ghost taste like if it was simply juice squeezed from a berry that grew upon a hop vine? Introducing: Ghost Prime. 8% ABV

Ghost Prime: $24 per 16oz 4pack cans, limit 2 cases per person.

NEW Ghost Prime T-Shirt: $28

Morii (noun): The desire to capture a fleeting experience.

Introducing Morii, a remarkable collection that embodies a masterful blend of craftsmanship and flavor exploration. Within this set, four distinct and decadent bottles await, each serving as a testament to the artistry and dedication of our team. Aged for 12 months in E.H. Taylor barrels and an additional 9 months in Heaven Hill barrels. This Imperial Stout was then given four unique final barrel treatments for 13 months, each bestowing a distinctive infusion of flavors. The first bottle presents the indulgent notes of caramel and vanilla from a bourbon barrel. The second bottle unveils tropical hints derived from a rum barrel. The third bottle embraces the delightful sweetness of agave from an Añejo barrel, and lastly, a velvety complexity emerges from the fourth bottle, aged in a Cabernet barrel. Immerse yourself in the triple barrel-aged symphony of Morii for an unforgettable and captivating experience. 14% ABV

Morii Box Set (4 375ml bottles): $150 per box set, limit 1 per person



Ghost Prime, the NEW Ghost Prime T-Shirt, and Morii presale begins Wednesday, November 29 at noon CST at shop.parishbeer.com with pick up beginning Saturday, December 2 at 11am and UPS Direct Shipping beginning next week.



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