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Drive Thru: Raspberry & Mango Margarita + Wabi Sabi 16oz Can Release

April 28, 2023
Drive Thru: Raspberry & Mango Margarita


Introducing Drive Thru: Raspberry & Mango Margarita, an extra-strength Berliner-style ale that serves up a berry-blast of tart raspberries and ripe mango puree on top of a refreshing hit of lime. Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, which means it’s about that time to start lounging by the pool with a tropical cocktail mash-up like this in hand. If only our canning line could add salt to the rim of the can! 8% ABV. Salud!

 Wabi Sabi

beerThe traditional Japanese aesthetic, Wabi Sabi, celebrates the beauty of things that are worn, aged, and imperfect by embracing the natural cycle of growth and decay. This philosophy encourages us to accept and admire the beauty in this cycle by the acceptance of transience and acknowledging the rareness in the details. We created Wabi Sabi, our limited-edition beer, in this regard, to celebrate the unique characteristics of small batch hand-crafted beer. Brewed using 2-row barley base malt and vast quantities of toasted rice flakes, this light and refreshing lager will revitalize you with its gentle herbal hop notes and delicate malt notes.The beauty of Wabi Sabi is not just about aesthetics; it’s about finding joy in simple pleasures. 6% ABV



Drive Thru: Raspberry & Mango Margarita:  $17 per 16oz 4pack cans
Wabi Sabi:  $12 per 16oz 4pack cans

Drive Thru: Raspberry & Mango Margarita & Wabi Sabi will be available in our Taproom and online Friday, April 28 for local pickup or UPS Direct Shipping! Local pick up begins at 11am, and all UPS Direct Shipping orders will begin to ship out on Monday, May 1.


If your beer is not picked up within a week of placing your order, your order will be canceled.

All canceled online orders will incur an 8% restocking fee.

UPS Direct Beer Shipping to consumers in Alaska, D.C., Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Vermont, Virginia. $20 flat-rate shipping for 1-6 4-packs.