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Decade One Week 1

November 28, 2020

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once” – Albert Einstein

The beers we make now are the result of 10 years of innovation, effort, and experience.  In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we will be releasing incredible beers every weekend for three straight weeks.  We are so proud and excited to share these beers that are the culmination of our first decade of operation!

The first weekend release (11/28) includes a simultaneous release of all Shades, including the new Autumn Shade.  These stouts are aged carefully in the finest spirit barrels and finished with rare, special, or challenging-to-use adjuncts.  The Shades showcase the skill of our brewery team, from concept to execution.

Maple Shade

Aged for a year in Maple Bourbon and Weller Bourbon barrels with Madagascar vanilla beans and finally conditioned on Vermont maple syrup and Rêve coffee. Rich, heavy malts produce a thicc body with complex chocolate, tobacco, and roasted notes. The bourbon hits hard with intense vanilla and “heat,” while the coffee and maple assault the nose before allowing the drinker to savor the underlying malt complexity. 13% ABV

Vanilla Shade

Aged for a year in Weller Bourbon and New Riff Bourbon barrels containing Ugandan, Madagascar, and Tahitian vanilla beans, Vanilla Shade delivers notes of bourbon sugar cookie dough, Oreo cream macaroons, snickerdoodle, and vanilla air. 13% ABV

Caribbean Shade

Caribbean Shade was aged for a year in Four Roses, Weller Bourbon, and Caribbean rum barrels; all quietly waiting to be blended and conditioned. Once out of the barrel, separate additions of toasted coconut and coconut cream were added along with a dusting of cassia bark to enhance the warm, toasted tones of the beer. Finally, an addition of Tahitian vanilla added baking spice and chocolate depth to an already rich base. Flavor highlights of rum cookies, chocolate coconut flakes, and salty ocean air. 11.5% ABV

NEW: Autumn Shade

Rounding out The Shades, we present Autumn Shade, a carefully selected, caramel forward blend of our bourbon barrel aged stock which aged in Blanton’s Bourbon and Weller Bourbon barrels both containing Ecuadorian vanilla beans. Conditioned on piles of toasted walnuts, and English toffee, Autumn Shade showcases candied walnut tones and drinks like bourbon infused dark chocolate turtles. 13% ABV

Ghost in the Machine 160z Cans

In addition to The Shades, we are kicking off our Decade One celebration with one of our most requested packaging offerings ever – Ghost in 16oz cans!

Welcome to the future. Our collective human consciousness, or Ghost in the Machine, has gained a tolerance for hops beyond what mankind has ever known before. This double India Pale Ale is the necessary outcome. Brewed with obscene quantities of hand-selected Citra hops from our favorite farm in Yakima Valley, WA. Expect pungent grapefruit aromas and flavors, tropical fruit, and less harsh bitterness than most IIPAs.



Pre-sale begins Wednesday, November 25 at noon with pick up Saturday, November 28. You will choose a scheduled time for pick up on Saturday, November 28 when checking out. Time slots will be two hours between 10am and 8pm. Proxies allowed. You will also be able to pick up other online orders during your pick up window. Pre-sale beer pick up will be in the building to the right of the taproom. Make sure you have your order confirmation(s) with you. An order confirmation will be required for each order.


Day-of sales will begin at 10am out of the brewery. There will be signage directing you where to go. Pre-sale pick up and day-of sales will end at 8pm.

If your beer is not picked up by 7pm Tuesday, December 1, your order will be cancelled.

The Taproom will be open from 11am-8pm. You can purchase beer and merchandise to-go, but Taproom seating for pours will be outdoors by reservation only in accordance with the Louisiana Governor’s orders. We will have 22 outside tables available (6 patio tables and 16 high top tables). These tables will ALL be available by reservation only. There is a time limit of one hour per group per table. The link to reserve the tables is https://parishbrewingco.simplybook.me 

If you do not have a reservation / table, you will not be served pours from the bar, but you can buy beer to-go.


Maple Shade (Blend 4): $35 per 750 mL bottle, limit 6 bottles per person.

Vanilla Shade (Blend 2): $35 per 750 mL bottle, limit 6 bottles per person.

Caribbean Shade (Blend 2): $35 per 750 mL bottle, limit 6 bottles per person.

Autumn Shade (Blend 1): $35 per 750 mL bottle, limit 6 bottles per person.

Ghost in the Machine: $16 per 16oz 4pack, limit 2 cases per person.