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Bloom + Drive Thru: Orange Octane 16oz Can Release

February 10, 2023
Bloom + Orange Octane will be available for purchase in our Taproom and online on Friday, February 10 for local pickup or UPS Direct Shipping.
Local pick up begins at 11am on February 10 and all UPS Direct Shipping orders will begin to ship out on Monday, February 13.




The return of our most popular ever seasonal IPA is imminent! Gentle and soft on the palate with gratuitous use of oats, Citra and Nugget’s duet creates a powerful balance of citrus flowers and fruity bubblegum. Described as “bright and floral,” Bloom lacks the resinous, piney flavors of many IPAs, instead delivering deep citrus undertones with stone fruit, tropical fruit, and floral overlay. For an IPA, it is very saturated and layered beautifully while still being crushable. 7% ABV 


🍊Drive Thru: Orange Octane🍊

The Drive Thru series was born as an ode to a Louisiana staple: Drive Thru Daiquiri stops.This thick, daiquiri-style sour packs saturated fruit flavor into a high ABV smoothie. The series’ first installment, Drive Thru: Orange Octane, is comprised of blood orange, tangerine, and a splash of lime. With tart orange on the nose and a sweet finish, it pours bright orange and viscous, and it drinks like a Louisiana daiquiri. 8% ABV 

If your beer is not picked up within a week of placing your order, your order will be canceled.
All canceled online orders will incur an 8% restocking fee.
UPS Direct Beer Shipping to consumers in Alaska, D.C., Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Vermont, Virginia. $20 flat-rate shipping for 1-6 4-packs.