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DDH Attacus Atlas

DDH Juicy Triple IPA

The largest moth species on planet Earth, the Attacus Atlas, emerges into its final stage of metamorphosis as a winged adult with no mouth. Because it lives only a few days, it has no need to eat. A perfect metaphor for the world’s largest and most heavily-dosed IPAs, with their intense but brief existence. Far beyond 9% ABV, we’ve doubled the already vast amount of hand-selected Australian Galaxy hops in Attacus Atlas. A staggering eleven pounds per barrel makes this one of the largest dry-hop additions we’ve ever executed. With super-saturated highlights of mixed berry, mint, melon, tangerine, and pine sap, DDH Attacus Atlas is an opulent experience and a hit of resin straight to the dome.

Flavor Profile
Available in: 16oz Can 4-Pack