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Cypress Shade

Imperial stout aged in J.T. Meleck’s Original Rice Whiskey Barrels

We are excited to partner with Acadiana’s own J.T. Meleck Distillery, located just down the road from the brewery, for our latest barrel-aged imperial stout. J.T. Meleck is the only distillery that handcrafts its spirits from 100% rice, which they grow on their family farm. They’ve been impressively producing high-quality and award-winning products since 2017. While their vodka became available right away, their rice whiskey required a much longer development, aging 5 years on American oak barrels before bottling. When we received all of the freshly emptied barrels from their inaugural whiskey batch, we knew we had to fill them with a very special stout. Cypress Shade aged in J.T. Meleck’s original rice whiskey barrels for 2 years, allowing the smoky fragrances of toasted rice and almonds to coalesce with the 13% ABV stout base. The extended barrel aging not only added gobs of flavor but also evaporated and thickened the beer, resulting in a viscous experience on par with the very best stouts we’ve ever produced.

Available in: 500ml Bottle