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Cool Pool

New Zealand Lager brewed with Barke Pilsner malt and NZ Pacific Sunrise Hops

A collaboration with our west coast friends @harlandbrewing, this crisp New Zealand style pilsner goes down easy with hits of fresh mango, Cara Cara Orange, and ripe apricot notes atop a complex and well-balanced bready malt body. Brewed with heirloom German Barke malt and 100% NZ Pacific Sunrise hops, Cool Pool gets its name from our innovative method of adding kettle hops to cooled wort prior to fermentation. We’ve used this technique in our IPAs for years to capture more aroma from hot-side hop additions and to make our hazy stuff especially juicy, but Cool Pool is our first time for one of our Pilsners to see this treatment.

Flavor Profile
Available in: 16oz Can 4-Pack