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Barrel Aged Our Cake is a Lie

Bourbon Barrel Aged Doberge Cake Sout

Our visit from The Answer Brewpub last winter yielded an exceptional friendship [and beer] along with the connection to receive hyper fresh Smooth Ambler Wheated Bourbon Barrels. Upon arrival, the saturated vessels filled the air with sweet caramel char and fresh cinnamon warmth. We quickly put down a small amount of our collaboration onto the oak to rest for exactly a year. After emerging, we created a chocolate reduction from Ghanan and Ecuadorian cacao nibs, French artisan chocolates, and plump Tahitian vanilla. The barrel blend conditioned for an extended amount of time on this house-made creation to produce an offering of true decadence and palette
coating voluptuous chocolate. Indulge with us as layers of pastry magic hide a hefty ABV and dance atop warming barrel spice and vanillin complexity.

Aging Method
Available in: 750ml Bottle